Past events

The month of June brought one of our most exciting soirées to date! We were thrilled to welcome Violinist, Armen Anassian and Pianist, Mark Robso, both celebrated members of the LA Opera Orchestra, who’s dazzling performances of  wide ranging musical selections from Korngold to Bach, Shostakovich to Tchaikovsky, Robson and Colomer, left the audience breathless and clamoring for encores!

For our guests visual enjoyment, Alexandra Dillon exhibited several of her new paintings. Drawing inspiration from both her classical studies in Florence Italy and the influences of the electric metropolis of Los Angeles, Ms. Dillon’s work is a combination of old world structure and modern surrealism. Thus the art perfectly complimented the evening’s contrast of lush music, suspended against an industrial, urban skyline.

We hope that you enjoy the photos and the memories!

“Rite of Spring” March 2012

Our last soirée was absolutely breathtaking! Violist Victor de Almeida and Pianist Mikael Oganes delighted us with their own version of Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” in its entirety.  The energy was so high that the audience was electrified.  Adapting such an emblematic piece of the classical repertoire for Viola & Piano is not as easy task, and our duo has been working on it for almost a decade and, in their own words, they “still keep tweaking things here and there.” The result was a memorable experience for all the lucky attendants.

To top it off, Artist Guillermo Bert exhibited works from his hugely successful Bar code series, blurring the boundary between cultures and commodities. He also showed a video of his upcoming project combining generations-old weaving techniques by the Mapuche Indians, into textiles that resemble patterns of bar codes.

Enjoy the photos!!

The Soirée Team


Following Soirée

An All Russian Soirée

We are very excited to bring you this event in collaboration with Classical Underground.
Pianists: Maria Demina, Natasha Marin & Svetlana Transky & Violinist: Marina Manukian will perform works by the great Russian Masters.
The featured artist for the evening will be none other than Classical Underground creator Alexey Steele. Born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1967, he begun his systematic art training at an early age in the studio of his father Leonid Steele – a renowned Russian painter.
Steele’s motto is High Art Forever, meaning: There is a silent and unformulated argument raging in today’s art world. How we cope with the classical legacy while suddenly seeing it not as a curious but needless relict of “couldn’t-care-less-of” times, but as an integral, living and breathing part of our super post-modern reality.”