These events are made possible thanks to the support and unconditional help of many individuals including:



Heidi Novaes


Billie Greer

Eduardo Maz

Stuart Taylor

Trevor Roper


Edwin & Maricel Pérez-Lovisolo

Guillermo Bert

Hillary Caviness

Terin Ngo

Terry & Howard Robinroit


Artistic Soirées wants to publicly express its gratitude to our team of contributors:

Shannon Constantine Logan, original instigator of the idea and accomplice in taking it from conception to adulthood.

Lynne Parker-Taciak, Mistress of Ceremonies and “Professional Audience Member.”

Shana Nys Dambrot, LA’s favorite art critic and curator extraordinaire of our Visual Arts section.

William Dailey Rare Books, creator of programs as an art form.

José Alvarez, Vice-president & problem solver.

Deborah Minacci, our Chief of Staff & Stuff.

Sandra Victoria, our intern.

Tuyet & Maraal, photographers. Making audiences look 10 years younger.

MYM Spokesmodels, provider of fine personnel at the last minute.



Pasquini Coffee, Honorary Sponsor & keeping the Soirées a dozing off free zone.

General Consulate of Spain, keeping things official.

And of course, our MUSICIANS and ARTISTS!!!

Since we are always in need of help and there seems to be enthusiastic art lovers willing to help, we will keep adding new names…

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