Following Soirée

An All Russian Soirée

We are very excited to bring you this event in collaboration with Classical Underground.
Pianists: Maria Demina, Natasha Marin & Svetlana Transky & Violinist: Marina Manukian will perform works by the great Russian Masters.
The featured artist for the evening will be none other than Classical Underground creator Alexey Steele. Born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1967, he begun his systematic art training at an early age in the studio of his father Leonid Steele – a renowned Russian painter.
Steele’s motto is High Art Forever, meaning: There is a silent and unformulated argument raging in today’s art world. How we cope with the classical legacy while suddenly seeing it not as a curious but needless relict of “couldn’t-care-less-of” times, but as an integral, living and breathing part of our super post-modern reality.”
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